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Fresh greens from a shipping container in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands? Believe it.

A young family has begun selling the first year-round, locally grown commercial produce in the unforgiving climate of Unalaska in the Aleutian Islands. Aleutian Greens co-owner Blaine Shaishnikoff said last week that two storms had just blown through the community — and the lettuce and herbs, nestled inside shipping containers set up as hydroponic farms, were unscathed. "You wake up and there's a couple inches of snow on the ground, and it kind of makes you think about it for a minute," Shaishnikoff said. Shaishnikoff, 28, and his wife, Catina, grew up in Unalaska, the treeless island community where fresh produce is shipped in from Seattle, more than 2,000 miles away. "It takes a lot of shelf life off of the product," Shaishnikoff said. Sometimes grocery stores run out of certain vegetables. Members of the community have long discussed how fresh produce is hard to come by, he said. The Shaishnikoffs started Aleutian Greens [...]

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Link4 Designs Product For Greenhouse Growers

Link4 Greenhouse Controls, the innovators of the "All-In-One" Grow Room Controller specifically created and designed for Greenhouse growers, Hydroponic growers and Greenhouse Manufacturers, announced today that it has developed an inexpensive "off the shelf" controller product specifically for intermediate growers or compact Greenhouse manufacturers. Link4' novel user Interface is already known to be one of the best and simplest to use with-in its industry. Link4 products are already used in some of the more prolific agricultural Universities (Penn State, Syracuse University, University of Michigan, and Ohio State ATI) in the US, and used by some of the country's most prestigious commercial growers, where our customized solutions are created based on each commercial grower's need. It's because of our experience combined with Link4's advanced technology and software, we were able to successfully create a product with similar features and functions, that in the past only our commercial growers could afford. [...]

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