Cloud Access: Manage Your Grow From Your Smartphone!

Connected Link4 control systems relay crop data to the Cloud where it is accessible on any Internet-connected device.

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We enable our customers to manage every aspect of their grow house from the palm of their hand, using state-of-the-art controls that relay crop data to the Cloud where it is accessible on any Internet-connected device.

With a wealth of data at their fingertips, Link4’s customers are able to grow bigger, more vibrant crops under repeatable processes. What’s more, Link4 protects their crop investment with text alerts sent straight to their phone identifying a variety of threats, including equipment failure and environmental abnormalities.

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Here’s What You Get with Cloud-Access

  • Text and email alerts

  • Real-time monitoring and control

  • Data logging and graphing

  • Review historical analysis

  • Remote access with Internet connection

  • Compatible with smartphones and computers

  • Monitor and control lighting, temperature, CO2, humidity

  • Tor and Anonymity Online compatible

  • No unauthorized access permitted

  • Anonymous; data not associated with user account

  • Completely secure

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Real Customer Reviews

Check out what our customers are saying about iPonics with Cloud-Access

“Makes going on vacation even more relaxing.”

I have been using a 614 for a year or so and recently purchased a 624. I love these pieces of technological magic. I have found that even though very user friendly, I have needed tech support a few times and these guys are the most personable and helpful folks ever. Thanks so much. I also love being able to receive info via the iponic cloud.” – Nan DuMond

Four stars! Got it from a store in Orange last month. Easy set up. Worth money and time. Extended warranty is a good deal too. Very happy with the unit.

Amy, Retail store

This is a simple and useful device. It’s great for controlling greenhouse environmental control. Also, very practical for any personal or business work space for suitable climate control and cost containment. Great product!

Steven, Amazon

Five stars. This controller does it all. With a network adapter you can hook this up to remotley run from anywhere. Best controller I have used and this is the 3rd brand.

Edwin, Amazon

Make sure that if you are running an older version of the software that you recalibrate your sensors (mainly for CO2) after you bootload the software. The instructions don’t tell you that you need to but if you don’t do this you will have a large fluctuation. Calibrating is very simple and the overall system is great but I wasn’t happy when I received notifications about my rooms being out of the target zone. The bootload might also change around the equipment status on the ports, meaning your dehumidifier could be running off of the target points for the CO2 and vice versa. So just make sure you check out your settings in every way. Also set your alerts so you take full advantage of this controller. There is no app but if you create a shortcut for the link on your homepage of your phone it acts exactly like one anyway.

Nick, Amazon Customer

I bought this iPonic 624 last year for our grow house. Customizable , dual zone controller with a feature set and price large scale grower can really use. Remote control from my iPhone is awesome. Cloud setup is very convenient and good interface to control my hardware like I am in front of them. Customer support help me with solving problems and offering solution in an expedient manner. The iPonic 624 has a sleek design and touchscreen display, offer user friendly experience. The one thing that I can tell you is that the software functions and capabilities ability to change and monitor setting from your smartphone, you will be free from the hassle of constantly checking on your grow house. I would recommend this iPonic 624 to everyone controlling their grow house environmental control. Simple and useful device.

Earthling, Amazon

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