iGrow 1800 Advanced Greenhouse Controller

  • Advanced control, affordable price
  • 24VAC intelligent controlled outputs
  • Advanced irrigation (VDP or Soil Moisture Content)
  • Advanced lighting control (DLI)
  • Providing the plant what it needs for max yield, while greatly reducing manual labor
  • UL Listed for safety and easy permits

The iGrow 1800 offers the finest in outdoor greenhouse and indoor hydroponics experience. With the iGrow 1800, you can increase productivity while reducing energy use and operating costs.  The iGrow 1800 series offers 24VAC intelligent controlled outputs for fans, heaters, vents, irrigation, supplemental light and DLI, shade curtains (blackout curtains), and more.

Combined the iGrow 1800 with the iDoser to automate dosing and fertigation.

LinkConn Software

Link4’s LinkConn software makes controlling your greenhouse easier than ever. Unlike large cumbersome PC interfaces, or very basic limited ones, LinkConn gives you total control over your growing operations in a format that makes sense to growers. The typical learning curve for LinkConn software can be measured in minutes. The speed at which you can review greenhouse status and make detailed changes can be measured in seconds. The layout is so friendly that even when your aren’t making changes often, it only takes a few minutes to find what you’re looking for. Whether you have one or one hundred greenhouses, LinkConn manages them all the same easy way, and from one location.

Smart Irrigation

The iGrow 1800 uses a VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) feeding system or Smart Irrigation Sensors. VPD saves nutrients by preventing over-watering and makes sure the plants always have as much water as they need. This is a unique benefit as it’s designed to conserve water.

Smart Lighting (Daily Light Integral)

The iGrow 1800 offers DLI intelligence. DLI intelligence controls your greenhouse’s grow lights to give the exact amount of light needed for success. DLI intelligence conserves energy by using sunlight whenever possible.

Auxiliary Controls

The iGrow’s 1800 auxiliary controls are flexible and user defined to control conditions to fit your unique growing requirements. Auxiliary controls can be expandable to 36 outputs on a single controller.

Why being UL Listed is important for your safety

In the United States and Canada, this product is Listed by UL. Representative samples of this product have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable safety standards.

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  • Up to Five Configurable Micro-Zones

  • Email/ Text Notification for Alarm Conditions

  • Receive text alerts for spikes in temperature, humidity, and CO2

  • Advanced humidity control

  • Integrates with iDoser

  • 1 year warranty included; extended support available