LinkConn: Greenhouse Control Software

LinkConn 1800’s smart layout saves time, makes it easy to optimize your growing conditions, allows total control over your equipment and makes reviewing historical data a snap.


LinkConn 1800:
Optimizing Your Greenhouse
Was Never This Easy!

The new LinkConn 1800 software has been proven successful in applications requiring different zones, such as transplants and seed beds. In a traditional system that utilizes multiple zones even minor changes can be very labor intensive, but with Link4’s LinkConn software, growers can conveniently control all of their remote hardware through a single PC. All settings can be modified in groups; saving the grower time and reducing errors.

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Minimum PC System Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7
Processor – Pentium III or newer
Hard Disk Space – 120GB

LinkConn’s Features and Benefits

  • Monitor up to 136 iGrow controllers from a single PC

  • All events and sensor data are recorded

  • Control parameters are editable

  • Save and restore settings

  • Data logs can export in csv format

  • Analyze data with graphing features

  • Password protected

  • Records and timestamps notifications

  • Receive email and text message alerts

  • Wire iGrow controllers up to 4000 ft from PC

  • Easy to read interface

  • Intuitive reporting

  • Optimized for Microsoft Windows

  • Expanded radio support for wireless systems

  • Auxiliary control for custom programming

  • Tenacious customer support

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LinkConn 1000. Designed for iGrow Series Controllers

While not a required component of the iGrow 1000 series, the LinkConn 1000 control software is an optional way to heighten your crop’s efficiency while compiling important historical data.

LinkConn 1000: Enhanced Control and Historical Data

We understand how overwhelming greenhouse control systems can be. We understand that growers are looking for fast and easy ways to take control over their garden’s environment. This is why we developed LinkConn 1000 Software for the iGrow controller series.

Get total control over equipment and monitor up 36 iGrows at once. All events are recorded to the PC and control parameters are able to be edited through the PC. The software is self operated, so the PC doesn’t have to be on, and it utilizes graphing for analysis and password protection.

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Minimum PC System Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7
Processor – Pentium III or newer
Hard Disk Space – 120GB