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Link4 Corporation manufactures software and environmental controls for growers wanting to optimize their greenhouse production and reduce operating costs. We enable our customers to manage every aspect of their greenhouse from the palm of their hand, using state-of-the-art controls that relay greenhouse data to the Cloud where it is accessible on any Internet-connected device. With a wealth of data at their fingertips, Link4’s customers are able to grow bigger, more vibrant crops under repeatable processes. Link4 protects their crop investment with text alerts sent straight to their phone identifying a variety of threats, including equipment failure and environmental abnormalities.

Link4’s controls are designed to meet each individual grower’s needs, from an at-home hobbyist to large industrial grow houses, indoors and out. Each product comes with our tenacious customer support that begins with a consultation on your project to ensure they are getting the right controls, built to suit their needs.

The Market Leader

In partnership with Cornell University and Urban AG News, Agrilyst completed a recent survey of the indoor farming community and found Link4 Greenhouse Controls to be the leading brand among climate controllers.

Of the farmers who reported using a climate control system already, 22% indicated owning a Link4.

Link4 Greenhouse Controls is the leading brand among climate controllers

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