New Products and Services Over the Last Three Years

Link4 1800 Cloud

Link4 Cloud 2.0

The Link4 Cloud 2.0 is the latest innovation to Link4’s Cloud technology, supporting both the iGrow 1800 controller and the new Pearl Platform controllers.

Link4 Pearl G-Series

Pearl Family of Controllers

The Pearl G-Series is designed to meet the environmental control requirements of juegos tarragona most standard greenhouse and indoor...

Link4 Corporation


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Sapphire Mist Controller from Link4

Sapphire Family of Controllers

Link4’s  Sapphire commercial irrigation controller can be programmed for mist, flood, drip or standard irrigation applications for each output.

Link4 1800 Cloud

1800 Cloud

The 1800 Cloud combines power of the Link4 iGrow1800 controller with the flexibility of the Cloud for easy and convenient remote management.

RO Systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Link4's Reverse Osmosis Systems produce high-purity water by reducing contaminants such as dissolved minerals, oxandrolone buy particulates, and organic...

Link4 Cloud screenshot

i-Series Cloud

The i-Series Cloud brings cloud access, reporting, and alarms to ensure the safety and protection of your crops.