Electrical Services

Link4 has decades of experience manufacturing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems. We’re now offering our expertise to you with these electrical installation and maintenance services:

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Greenhouse Electrical Installation

Link4 electrical installer

Greenhouse Electrical Repair, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting

Technician installing cabling

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Projects

Greenhouse Electrical Installation Services


The Link4 Electrical Installation Services division provides a unique opportunity for growers to work directly with Link4 for equipment and electrical installation. Our services will allow you to work through one contractor with 30+ years of industry and installation experience in the CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) industry. This will provide you the confidence that your controls and equipment will be connected correctly and properly reducing lost time, frustration and unwarranted costs.

This service is the perfect solution for new installations or when retrofitting established facilities needing to upgrade or expand their application or equipment.

Services Provided

  • Site assessments
  • Equipment assessment
  • Equipment staging analysis
  • Conduit installation 2
  • High and low voltage wiring 2
  • Equipment testing
  • Controller programming
  • Installation of Link4 and non-Link4 controllers
  • Software or Cloud installation and testing ¹
  • Detailed quotes
  • Facility design and layout
1. If applicable
2. Services are currently available in California only. License #1093344

A Difference You Can Count On

You can have the security and confidence that your installation is being performed by experienced installers with years of experience in the controlled environment agricultural industry.

The installation team comes with:

  • A licensed electrical contractor with over 30 years of experience installing equipment and controls in greenhouses and grow rooms.
  • Experience with modbus and bacnet communication protocols.
  • Certified installation experience installing other industry controllers and equipment.
  • Fully licensed, bonded, and insured certification.

Greenhouse Electrical Repair, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting Services


Link4’s greenhouse service professionals have over 30 years of experience providing troubleshooting service, repair, maintenance, and support to existing greenhouse installations. In addition, Link4 offers maintenance contracts of varying length and extensiveness to meet the needs of a variety of growers. Allow Link4’s knowledgeable and dedicated staff to keep your greenhouse running so you can focus on growing. Below is a sample of our services.

Troubleshoot and Repair

  1. All manufacturers’ Greenhouse Control Systems
  2. Potting Equipment1
  3. Soil Mixing Equipment1
  4. Conveyors1
  5. Irrigation Systems
  6. Fertigation Systems
  7. Hot Water Valves1
  8. Chilled Water Valves1

Provide and Install energy-saving VFDs on all three phase fans.

Motor Repair and Replacement

  1. Curtain Motors1
  2. Vent Motors1
  3. Exhaust Fans1
  4. Pad Pumps1
  5. Boiler Pumps1
  6. RO Systems

1. Services are currently available in California only. License #1093344

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Projects1

Technician installing cabling

Our expertise in greenhouse electrical systems carries over to other electrical systems such as building automation and lighting.

Our team has been providing outstanding electrical services in the Southern California area over the years, and we have the skills and knowledge necessary to help our customer’s businesses thrive. Whether you need to schedule standard maintenance, an installation, or a full building automation system install, we are dedicated to providing quick and efficient electrical services.

We Specialize In

  1. Control installation
  2. Installation of Power and Building Automation systems
  3. Installation of lighting and specialized equipment
  4. Affordable Service Contracts for facilities

1. Services are currently available in California only. License #1093344

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