Environmental Controls

Environmental Controllers

Greenhouse Controls

Our advanced line of greenhouse controllers provides complete monitoring and adjustment of all equipment (heaters, vents, fans, irrigation) regardless of greenhouse size or type. Customized solutions can be created based on each customer’s individual needs.

Indoor Controls

Link4 Controls is the developer of the all-in-one grow room controller that maximizes your yields. Control light and recycle timers, vent fans, air conditioning, heating – even custom devices. Cloud-access allows remote monitoring and adjustment from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or any Internet connected device.

Other System Products

Lighting Control Panels

The right lighting is perhaps the most essential part of your growing operation. With the GEN 13 & GEN 14 lighting panels, you get ultimate of peace of mind and control over your lighting system. With safety features that work in conjunction with those you already have in place, you’ll never have to worry about the lighting your crops are getting.

Motor Controls

The iDrive series of motor controllers are perhaps the most compact, powerful, and versatile line of motor controllers on the market today. Packed with smart features such as a 5 position manual override switch, motor reverse delay, and high quality components, the iDrive series of motor controllers are capable of controlling nearly every type of vent and curtain motor out there.

What Customers are Saying

“The Link4 support staff has made the installation and programming a painless process for us. I am pleased with the almost seamless transition from our old equipment to the new system.”

Louisiana Tech University

“We recommend Link4 controllers to all our professional growers.”

Grower’s House

“Link4 provides exceptional control for our research and educational facilities.”

State University of New York

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We do custom controls.

We do custom controls for large industrial projects. Contact us and let’s talk about your next project.