Irrigation and Fertigation Controls

HE Anderson Integration

Link4 HE Anderson Integration
  • Developed for indoor or greenhouse projects.
  • Direct inject or batch applications for projects of all sizes.
  • Nutrient delivery to single or multiple zones.
  • Recipes created, stored, and initiated through the iGrow 1800 controller.
  • Customize multiple nutrients, delivery times, and flow rates.
  • Automate recipe switching resulting in reduced errors and time.
  • Control environmental functions and fertigation with one controller.
  • Easy programming through Link4’s newest cloud based platform.

Our new automated fertigation solution combines H.E. Anderson Injectors and the Link4 iGrow 1800 controller.

iDoser TS

Link4 iDoser TS
  • A complete plug-and-play fertigation system for your growing operation
  • Automatic recipe switching and delivery scheduling
  • Easily monitor EC and pH for accurate plant nutrition
  • Save water on nutrient solutions
  • A combined electrical and mechanical system reduces the number of people required for fertigating crops

The iDoser TS© is designed to be the ultimate portable device for your growing operation. Designed with simplicity and compactness in mind, the only setup required is connection to a water and power source. Giving you full control over your dosing and nutrient system, it minimized manual labor costs and oversight time to increase your profit.

iDoser Automatic Dosing & Fertigation Scheduling

Link4 iDoser
  • Stop mixing nutrients by hand
  • Save time by automatically measuring and injecting nutrients
  • Accurate charts increase growth consistency and save time
  • Give your plants the nutrients they need, when they need it!
  • UL Listed for safety and easy permits
UL Listed

Link4’s iDoser is the automated dosing system that growers have been waiting for. Imagine a system that helps to predict your plants’ needs, even before you do. That kind of control is possible with Link4’s iDoser system, a stress-free solution for automated dosing and fertigation scheduling.

The iDoser provides accurate nutrient dosing, and pH balancing for many different types of grow environments – from large-scale greenhouses to commercial warehouses and vertical farms. Plus, given that the LinkConn software is database-driven, it can be controlled by an enterprise-grade server or installed right onto your laptop for optimal control and visibility. The iDoser system can also include up to two backup sensors and logs all activity so, if a problem does occur, you’re on top of it before it becomes an even bigger problem. This helps you pave the way for efficient and plentiful growth you can rely on.

LinkConn Greenhouse Control Software

LinkConn control software is a way to heighten a garden’s efficiency while compiling important historical data. The new LinkConn 1800 software has been proven successful in applications requiring different zones, e.g. transplants and seed beds. In a traditional system that utilizes multiple zones even minor changes can be very labor intensive, but with Link4’s LinkConn software, growers can conveniently control all of their remote hardware through a single PC. All settings can be modified in groups; saving the grower time and reducing errors.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP™ or Windows 7™
Pentium III or Newer
Hard Disk Space 120GB

Why being UL Listed is important for your safety

In the United States and Canada, this product is Listed by UL. Representative samples of this product have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable safety standards.

Sapphire Commercial Irrigation / Mist Controller with Cloud

Link4 Sapphire
  • 8 Independent outputs to control multiple zones with one controller.
  • Mist, pulse and irrigation control for each output for flexible growing applications.
  • Multiple start and end times per day to provide crop specific flexibility.
  • On/Off manual or timed override allowing for simple changes when needed.
  • Simple mounting and plug-in power for quick and easy installation.
  • Easy to program at the controller or remotely from the cloud for convenient zone adjustments.
  • Cloud service for easy monitoring and control via internet.

The Sapphire is a commercial irrigation controller that is ideal for applications requiring misting, flood, drip or standard irrigation.

The controller comes with 8-outputs and provides cloud monitoring and control.

Easy to install and program, this controller allows the grower the flexibility of utilizing different irrigation methods with one controller.

With Cloud access, programming, monitoring and reporting is easily performed remotely. The newly implemented grow journal allows the grower the ability to add notes and tasks in the system to store grower logs and generate reports.

  • Integrated Cloud with other Link4 cloud portals designed to simplify overall access.
  • Cloud dashboard for easy monitoring or editing each zone in one location.
  • Multiple device capability allowing access through a variety of devices and individuals.
  • Cloud Grow Journal to receive, log and report grower notes for each zone.