Link4’s new Sapphire commercial irrigation controller can be programmed for mist, flood, drip or standard irrigation applications for each output.

The Sapphire is easy to install and program, and with one controller, it allows the grower the flexibility of choosing multiple different irrigation methods (mist, pulse, drip or irrigation) with each of its 8 outputs. The all-in-one versatility to do mist, pulse, drip, or irrigation through a single controller is one of the ways that Link4 continues to innovate with each new product.

Every purchase includes a free 60-day trial of our Professional level Cloud access which enables remote programming, monitoring, and reporting. Customers will appreciate the new grow journal feature which allows growers the ability to receive, log, and report grower notes for each zone. Sapphire is integrated with the Cloud, which has multiple device capability steroid allowing access through a variety of devices and individuals.

For more information on the Sapphire Controller, visit our website or contact us at for more information.