Greenhouse Controls

Pearl G-Series Controllers

Link4 Pearl G-Series Controller
  • Smaller control modules for reduced panel sizes and greater installation flexibility.
  • Snap in modules for easy expandability and servicing.
  • UL rated integrated panels for easy and accurate installation.
  • NEMA 4 panels for superior protection from water intrusion, sunlight, and weather.
  • Link4 Cloud compatible for remote accessibility and advanced functionality.
  • Multiple models to meet the needs of your specific operation.
UL Listed

The Pearl G-Series line of controls is designed to meet the environmental control requirements of most standard greenhouse applications. The different models are designed to match the complexity and requirements of the grower and are compatible with standard greenhouse equipment utilized by growers.

The unique design allows for greater expandability and flexibility for the grower. You can add input and output modules to expand to your specific requirements. With the integrated panel option, your controls can be mounted with the required contactors for easy installation and the assurance that your controls are connected properly.

The Pearl G-Series can be programmed at the controller with basic programming functionality or connect to the Link4 Cloud to enhance the operation of your controller. The Cloud offers the grower the ability to remotely control, monitor and receive alarm notification allowing you to stay connected to your operation while you are away.

User friendly screens allow you to easily program, change, and monitor all of your controllers that are connected to the Cloud from a single source. You will be able to assign users with specific access levels, add grower, or maintenance notes, or store photos, and assign tasks through the Cloud. In addition, you can identify important growing trends and ensure future crop success via insights gained using reports and graphs derived from data stored on the Cloud.

All Pearl model controllers are compatible with the Link4 Cloud allowing for remote accessibility and control, as well as added advanced features.

The Cloud allows you to view and operate your controller from remote locations at any time. Set up user security and accessibility per user and zone. View your current status and create custom reports, or download the data for further analysis. View any alarm status for your zones and receive notifications regardless of your location. With the Grow Journal and Task Manager, you can enter grower notes, photos or videos, and assign tasks as required.

Cloud pricing is monthly or a discounted annual fee based on the model and number of controllers.

iGrow 1800 Advanced Greenhouse Controller

Link4 iGrow 1800
  • Advanced control, affordable price
  • 24VAC intelligent controlled outputs
  • Advanced irrigation (VDP or Soil Moisture Content)
  • Advanced lighting control (DLI)
  • Providing the plant what it needs for maximum yield while greatly reducing manual labor
  • UL Listed for safety and easy permits
UL Listed

The iGrow 1800 offers the finest in outdoor greenhouse and indoor hydroponics experience. With the iGrow 1800, you can increase productivity while reducing energy use and operating costs.  The iGrow 1800 series offers 24VAC intelligent controlled outputs for fans, heaters, vents, irrigation, supplemental light and DLI, shade curtains (blackout curtains), and more.

Combine the iGrow 1800 with the iDoser to automate dosing and fertigation.

LinkConn Software

Link4’s LinkConn software makes controlling your greenhouse easier than ever. Unlike large cumbersome PC interfaces, or very basic limited ones, LinkConn gives you total control over your growing operations in a format that makes sense to growers. The typical learning curve for LinkConn software can be measured in minutes. The speed at which you can review greenhouse status and make detailed changes can be measured in seconds. The layout is so friendly that even when you aren’t making changes often, it only takes a few minutes to find what you’re looking for. Whether you have one or one hundred greenhouses, LinkConn manages them all the same in a simple and easy manner from one location.

Smart Irrigation

The iGrow 1800 uses a VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) feeding system or Smart Irrigation Sensors. VPD saves nutrients by preventing over-watering and makes sure the plants always have as much water as they need. This is a unique benefit as it’s designed to conserve water.

Smart Lighting (Daily Light Integral)

The iGrow 1800 offers DLI intelligence. DLI intelligence controls your greenhouse’s grow lights to give the exact amount of light needed for success. DLI intelligence conserves energy by using sunlight whenever possible.

Auxiliary Controls

The iGrow’s 1800 auxiliary controls are flexible and user defined to control conditions to fit your unique growing requirements. Auxiliary controls can be expandable to 36 outputs on a single controller.

Why being UL Listed is important for your safety

In the United States and Canada, this product is Listed by UL. Representative samples of this product have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable safety standards.

iGrow 800 Greenhouse Controller

Link4 iGrow 800 Greenhouse Controller
  • Advanced control, affordable price
  • Fully-programmable; expansion to 32 outputs
  • Use your cell phone to monitor and change settings
  • Have peace of mind with alerts for temperature, humidity, CO2, and more
  • UL Listed for safety and easy permits
UL Listed
Get real-time energy use and track run-time on greenhouse heating and cooling equipment with this easy-to-use controller system. The iGrow 800 series offers eight different outputs for fans, heaters, vents, irrigation, shade curtains (blackout curtains), and more – with Cloud access from any Internet-connected computer or smartphone.

Track your energy usage across 8 intelligently controlled outputs (expandable to 32) and adjust to increase your profit. Tools such as the iPonic Cloud software expand the capabilities of this versatile line of controllers to further save energy and increase your profit.

No more programming and reprogramming every crop cycle or season change – with the iGrow 800 series USB data logging feature you can easily save settings to any USB flash drive. When the time comes to switch settings, simply insert your USB flash drive into your iGrow data. These are some of the new and innovative ways Link4 has provided to reduce setup times and reduce your labor costs.

Remote Cloud Access

Growers can monitor and change every aspect of the iGrow800 from the palm of their hand, using state-of the-art controls that relay secured, encrypted grow house data to the cloud where it is accessible on any Internet-connected device. The secured, encrypted server allows you to monitor and change settings remotely. With a wealth of data at their fingertips, growers are able to grow bigger, more vibrant crops under repeatable processes.

Easy Transition

This programmable controller offers integrated control for easy transition to an advanced, yet simple-to-use system. It is ideal for small or large greenhouse retrofits or new installations. Included communication module lets you link multiple greenhouses for control.

Loss Prevention

  • The iGrow 800 protects their grow house investment with SMS text and email identifying a variety of threats, including spikes in temperature, humidity, and CO2.
  • Emergency shut-off guards against power surge and overheating.

Privacy and Security

  • Network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.
  • No data collected by the Cloud is shared to a third party.
  • User location data collected is anonymous and cannot be associated with a user account.
  • Tor and Anonymity Online Compatible

Why being UL Listed is important for your safety

In the United States and Canada, this product is Listed by UL. Representative samples of this product have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable safety standards.