If you want to combine your liquid feed program with your irrigation cycle, the Sapphire controller is the perfect partner with your syphon type injector.

Each of the eight outputs on the Sapphire can be programmed for mist, pulse or irrigation cycles that will signal a solenoid valve to open at a specified time and duration. If the irrigation line is plumbed through a syphon injector such as a Dosatron, the plants will receive the nutrients through the injector during the irrigation cycle.

The Link4 Cloud with the Sapphire irrigation controller allows you to monitor the status, make changes to settings and receive alarm notifications remotely.

Feel at ease with your fertigation program with the sophistication of the Sapphire irrigation controller, the Link4 Cloud and your syphon injector.

For more information on the Sapphire controller or the Link4 Cloud, contact our sales department.