ADISM: Advanced Digital Integrated Sensor Module


The ADISM sensor gives you monitoring control with a differential pressure to provide accurate readings for temperature, humidity, CO2, and solar light. Its intuitive programming allows for easy setup and even easier use on a day-to-day basis. Compatible with Link4’s iGrow 1400/1800 Series, the ADISM is a powerful companion tool to monitor and control your greenhouse.

Weather Station

Link4 Weather Station

For accurate reading of weather conditions, Link4’s full-featured Weather Station is specially designed for your iGrow controllers. Able to detect the most minute changes in weather conditions, Link4’s Weather Station possesses the perfect combination of sensitivity and durability. Encased in specially designed enclosures and radiation shields, the Link4 Weather Station is protected against solar radiation and reflected heat, ensuring the most accurate weather readings for your iGrow controllers. All this means better crop yields, better crop protections, and lower energy costs. Link4’s Weather Station is a key component to your complete control solution.


Link4 Anemometer

Protect your greenhouse plants and ventilation systems from damage with Link4’s Anemometer. Constructed of rugged materials, this wind speed and wind direction system is strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds, yet sensitive enough to detect the lightest breeze. Hand-balanced for optimal stability and accuracy, this precision instrument is sealed with stainless steel ball bearings for a long life.

Solar Light Sensor

Link4 Solar Light Sensor

Link4’s Solar Light Sensor offers light sensing in the visible spectrum to control curtains, irrigation, lighting, and CO2. This control assists you maximizing your iGrow’s predictive control feature accuracy. Link4’s Solar Light Sensor is constructed from top-grade materials and is designed for easy installation and long life.

1000 Series Temperature Probe

Link4 1000 Series Temperature Probes

Link4 offers versatile stainless-steel Temperature Probes specially designed to work with your iGrow 1800 Series controllers. Whether you are measuring bottom heat, a mixing valve system, soil temperature, or any other zone, these durable probes will do the job. The iGrow1800 Series Controllers can use up to 5 Temperature Probes in addition to indoor and outdoor Temperature Sensors. These rugged sensors are conveniently small so, they can be placed almost anywhere in your greenhouse

EC / Temp Sensor

Link4 EC / Temp Sensor

In any hydroponic grow system, the health of your solution determines the health of your plants. But it is not enough to just guess about it. Link4’s EC sensor monitors your solution’s electrical conductivity, so you always know if there is a change or a potential problem. It works with your existing Link4 iDoser, so you do not have to worry about compatibility. It also has a convenient and portable design with smart sensors that simplify calibration. With a reliable performance and a one-year limited warranty, the EC sensor is essential to your greenhouse setup.

pH Sensor – Flat Tip

Link4 pH Sensor - Flat Tip

When it comes to your grow process, the water quality can make or break the entire system. Link4’s pH sensor helps you accurately keep track of your pH levels, constantly analyzing for changes that could affect your yield. Plus, it easily interfaces with your existing Link4 iDoser for simplicity of use. The durable body is guaranteed to last for up to a year with a low-maintenance sealed gel design to prevent contamination.

Digital Temp & Humidity Sensor

Link4 Digital Temp & Humidity Sensor

This innovative digital sensor integrates temperature and humidity into one single chip sensor with CMOSens® Technology for superior quality. Constructed with a protective shield that safeguards against radiation and re­flected heat, the Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor offers high precision for relative humidity and temperature readings. This unique design has no moving parts (which often get damaged), keeps power consumption low, gives fast response times of less than 4 seconds, and reports accurate readings at an affordable price.

Digital Integrated Sensor Module

Link4 Digital Integrated Sensor Module

The Digital Integrated Sensor Module (DISM) sensor provides sensing for CO2, temperature, humidity, and light to get the most out of your greenhouse operation.

Room Pressure Sensor

Link4 Room Pressure Sensor

The Room Pressure Sensor provides monitoring and controlling of the positive pressure cooling system in your greenhouse.

Quantum (PAR) Light Sensor

Quantum (PAR) Light Sensor

If you want to know the exact amount of light each of your plants is getting, look no further than the Par Light Sensor from Link4. Calibrated for sunlight, this self-powered sensor measures PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) in your greenhouse grow. Its quantum sensors can also measure PARs (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) in your aquaponics setup. Its rugged and self-cleaning design makes it a reliable and long-lasting addition to your grow setup. You will never again have to wonder if your plants are getting the amount of light they need.