Membranes play an important role in all RO systems including Link4’s new R1-Series of RO Systems. That starts with knowing when to change your RO System’s Membrane

RO membranes have an average life span of 1 – 2 years with average use and proper maintenance of prefiltration.
The overall usage of your RO System will have a large impact. If a system is not being used or flushed often, bacteria can begin to build on the membrane surface. Ensuring proper flush intervals and usage will promote a longer life span for the membrane.

On the other side, if a system is used more frequently, life span will be impacted as well. Proper maintenance of prefiltration and filters is crucial for ensuring the best lifespan from the membranes.

To know when to change your membrane, the best method is to use a TDS Meter to test the hardness of the water running through your RO System. If your water’s TDS is over 500, then it is best recommended that you change the membrane. A high TDS in your water will cause clogging and slow down waterflow. By changing your membrane on time, you will always know that your crops are getting the cleanest, purest water.

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