The iPonic 624 is Here

Saving money; Saving time; Improving crop yields.

If that sounds like the top 3 priorities for your hydroponic business, you are not alone. That is why at Link4 we are proud to introduce the iPonic 624, a new hydroponic controller that accomplishes all three objectives, while providing the same precision quality and reliability that customers have come to expect from Link4.

Saving Money

Many growers have more than one grow room. Typically, that would require two controllers or two sets of timers, plus additional equipment. But the iPonic 624 delivers all-in-one control of two grow rooms from the touchscreen of one controller. Among the many advantages to this system is the easily automated flipping of 12-hour light cycles in separate rooms, which lowers both amp usage and electricity bills.

Saving Time

The iPonic 624 controls vents, heating, air conditioning, humidity, CO2, lights, irrigation, and even custom devices. It works with your existing equipment and can accommodate up to 8 120-volt outlets over two rooms. Set your controls from one panel and you are done! The software-based intelligence means you can monitor settings from your phone or tablet. If there is an issue, you’ll automatically receive an alert. But there’s no need to run back to your grow room – just make the adjustments from wherever you are.

Improving Crop Yields

As with all of our hydroponic controllers, you can use the proven growth schedules built in to the iPonic 624, or enter information about your grow room and let the system calculate the optimum settings. Then save these programs and use them again and again for consistent yields, time after time.

For more information on the iPonic 624, visit us at, or contact our Sales team at or 866.755.5465!