To get the highest return on investment, many professional growers implement automation devices or controllers. These controllers can be as basic as a thermostat controller or as complex as a sophisticated tool used to control multiple pieces of hardware within the grow facility. The iGrow 1800 by Link4 is a sophisticated controller that offers remarkable flexibility and security for any size facility. The iGrow 1800 was designed to provide precision control combined with ease of use through a simple interface. The iGrow 1800 will increase productivity while reducing energy use and operating costs. Some of the sophisticated features include smart irrigation, smart lighting, and complete control over nutrient and pH levels.

iGrow 1800 Product Information

Smart Irrigation

Using a VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) feeding system, the iGrow 1800 gives precise control over irrigation. The VPD system will ensure that the plants always have as much water as they need for optimal growth. Plus, the VPD system reduces nutrient waste by preventing over-watering. The reduction of wasted water and nutrient solution are just examples of the many ways the iGrow 1800 saves a grower time and money.

Smart Lighting

More specific to greenhouse growers, the iGrow 1800 utilizes DLI intelligence. The DLI system automatically adjusts light levels to give plants the exact levels of light needed to maintain vigorous growth rates. Not only does the integrated DLI system optimize light levels within a greenhouse, it also conserves energy by using the sunlight whenever possible.

Fertigation Control

The iGrow 1800’s Fertigation system controls a garden’s nutrients and pH levels. This is especially beneficial for hydroponic gardeners who need pinpoint accuracy over nutrient and pH levels. The nutrients are automatically injected through the irrigation delivering system and maintained as the nutrient solution is recirculated. The pH of the nutrient solution is also adjusted as needed. This unique control over nutrient and pH levels makes it possible to optimize a hydroponic system while greatly reducing manual labor.

Custom Conditions Control

The iGrow 1800 offers complete flexibility over powerful conditional controls. In other words, here, the grower determines the optimal set-points and can define his or her own control parameters that are not standard with most controllers. This makes the iGrow 1800 the most customizable greenhouse/indoor garden controller available. Experienced growers understand that no two grow rooms are alike. A truly customizable controller is imperative to meet the unique needs of each individual garden.

For greenhouse growers or indoor horticulturists who are looking to maximize their plant’s growth along with their own return on investment, finding a comprehensive controller is an absolute must. These growers should look no further than the iGrow 1800. When they developed the iGrow 1800, Link4 created a customizable controller that gives a grower optimal control over lighting, irrigation, and nutrient and pH levels. One thing is for sure, the flexibility and user-friendliness of the iGrow 1800 is sure to impress any horticulturalist looking for the best controller and most complete automation for his or her greenhouse or indoor garden equipment.

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