Link4 Corporation, manufacturers of cloud-based irrigation, fertigation, and environmental controllers, is bringing forth their newest piece of innovative technology through an update to their Cloud technology. Through the Cloud, growers can control, monitor, and manage their controllers by remote access.

New administrative features manage independent user assignments for specific controllers and implement a new level of controller security. The redesigned home page displays controller color coordination, allowing users to visually differentiate between controllers and provide an easy-to-read overview of their settings.

One of the most exciting new features of the Cloud update is the new Grow Journal. The Grow Journal is a valuable and flexible log of critical information related to your crops health, growth, and environmental conditions. Each entry is time stamped to track critical times within the life of your crops. The flexibility of the Grow Journal allows the users to be extremely innovative in the data they choose to record and store. Once entered, this data can be reviewed online or printed for critical review and analysis.

Link4’s Cloud 1.5 helps you to manage your controller and remotely monitor the information that is important to your success.
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