The days of searching through notebook after notebook to find a single data entry are over! There are several disadvantages and risks in keeping a physical journal such as: data inaccuracies, disorganization, risk of lost notes, and a lack of readability. The Grow Journal is a valuable and flexible log of critical information related to your crops health, growth, and environmental conditions.

The Grow Journal replaces your manual notepad allowing you to enter notes that will be stored and organized for future use. Each entry is time stamped for ease of sorting and tracking. Once entered, this data can be reviewed online or downloaded for review and analysis. The Grow Journal allows you to input critical information related to your crop or growing zone such as the existence of insects or the discoloring of the leaves.

This data can then easily be shared with other key members of your growing team through report creation and the automatic emailing of these reports. In addition, this data will be stored for future reference and review for strategic planning and preventative purposes.

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