Remote farming is a concept that is growing in popularity around the world. A growing trend with Growers is that they are craving the ability to control their greenhouses remotely and at anytime of the day. Link4 Controls was one of the first to remedy that problem with their remote monitoring software through the Cloud.

Many professional growers are accustomed to making frequent onsite adjustments to their control settings, often at inconvenient hours. With cloud access information can be monitored by the grower at anytime during the day. Changes to temperature, humidity, ventilation, and other greenhouse variables can be made without leaving their home.

With the remote Cloud monitoring provided by Link4 Controls, constant onsite monitoring or manual changes to the controller are no longer necessary. If an issue arises in your greenhouse or grow room, you can receive an alert to your smartphone or tablet. There is no need to stress and rush to attend your crops. Simply use the same remote device to make any necessary changes, and the controller will apply the adjustments.

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