Most growers are focused on controlling the temperature inside their greenhouse to provide a proper environment for a healthy crop. What tends to be overlooked is managing the temperature that protects the expensive equipment that maintains a desired growing environment.

Expensive equipment such as lighting and vent motors are positioned in or near the gable region of a greenhouse. As heat rises, it accumulates in this region at extreme temperatures. If these temperatures are ignored, it can damage and cause premature failure to this equipment. New equipment and the labor to replace this equipment is expensive and can possibly cause issues with your crop when the equipment is inoperable.

A solution to this issue is to place an additional temperature sensor in this region and to allow your Link4 controller to help you monitor and control this environment. Your Link4 controller can be programmed to run cooling equipment when excessive heat is built up in this region. It can also alarm and notify you when extreme temperatures are present. With the Link4 Cloud, data can be stored and reviewed to help diagnose premature equipment failure.

By investing in an additional sensor and allowing Link4 Controllers to monitor and control the gable area of your greenhouse, you are protecting your valuable equipment and the crop’s health while saving you money.