Pearl Controller Standalone

The TS-TS-801-000-000-SPL Pearl Controller Standalone, a cutting-edge solution for precise environmental control. Designed to monitor temperature and humidity while managing up to eight equipment outputs in a single zone, this compact yet powerful controller offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. With Modbus compatibility for easy scalability and UL-listed safety certification, it ensures reliable operation and seamless integration into existing systems. The Pearl Controller Standalone’s NEMA 4 panels provide superior protection against water intrusion and adverse weather conditions, while its cloud connectivity enables remote monitoring and control via Link4 Cloud compatibility. Experience peace of mind and enhanced operational efficiency with this advanced solution, perfect for a diverse range of applications.


Model: TS-TS-801-000-000-SPL

Type: Standalone Controller


   – Monitors temperature and humidity

   – Controls up to eight equipment outputs in a single zone

Included Components:

   – 1 Controller Module

   – 1 Eight Output Module

   – 1 I2C Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor with 3 ft cable

   – 1 24VDC Wall Plug Power Supply

   – Plastic IP65 Enclosure


   – Compact design

   – Cloud connectivity for data collection and alarms

   – Quick and easy installation

   – Modbus compatibility for scalability

   – UL-listed for safety and easy permits

   – NEMA 4 panels for superior protection against water intrusion, sunlight, and weather

   – Link4 Cloud compatible for remote monitoring and control

Compatibility: Modbus

Safety Certification: UL-listed

Enclosure: Plastic IP65

Power Supply: 24VDC Wall Plug

Protection: NEMA 4 panels for superior protection against water intrusion, sunlight, and weather.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Compatible with Link4 Cloud for remote monitoring and control.

Dimensions: Not provided, but designed for reduced panel sizes and greater installation flexibility.