VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) is becoming a standard metric for growers to identify and manage the proper environment for their plant’s health and performance. Managing VPD to proper levels, will provide a comfortable environment for the plant allowing for efficient transpiration and nutrient uptake resulting in superior growth and higher yields.

Link4 has taken the guesswork out of monitoring your VPD levels. New on Link4’s Cloud, in conjunction with one of their controllers, is the ability to monitor the VPD level in your grow environment.

A live VPD reading is displayed on the specific zone’s control screen. The status can be reviewed remotely from any mobile device allowing you the flexibility of viewing the status of your crop at any time. For additional comfort, you can set custom alarm parameters so you will receive notifications when the VPD status is outside your custom alarm settings.

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** VPD parameter displayed are not a recommendation but for display purposes only.